Easy Tips To Improve Your Blog Image

Easy Tips To Improve Your Blog

Blogging is getting popular nowadays. For almost every topic, there is a blog, and the good thing about it is that people are now open to share with other people with their knowledge and experience. To have a successful blog that is read by many, it will take careful planning and decide on important things.…
New Method to Post to Instagram From Your PC Without Downloading Any Apps – Video

New Method to Post to Instagram From Your PC Without Downloading Any Apps – Video

Guess what? You can upload your images and photos through the Instagram web app. Well, there’s no official announcement about this yet and you can’t access it directly. Good news is, I have prepared a video to teach you how to do that! Post to Instagram From Your PC Without Downloading Any Apps [convertplayer id=”qnYRQWJ8c”…
creating an instagram post using stencil

Creating an Instagram Post using Stencil – Video

Among my social media profiles, Instagram is my favorite. Why? Well, I like looking at beautiful photos and read through thought-provoking, motivational and inspirational quotes. You can tell that I enjoy visuals. Though I’m trying to get my Photoshop skills to the next level, I don’t have the time to learn this awesome software. I…
easy steps to start a blog video

Easy Steps on How to Start a Blog for Beginners – Video

Here’s a short video on the Easy Steps on How to Start A Blog. Full and detailed information on the steps on the video can be found on this post, https://www.thegeekmommy.com/blogging/easy-steps-on-how-to-start-a-blog-for-beginners/. [convertplayer id=”s2nb1lIDm” width=”700″ height=”525″] Blog Resources used: Google Instant Answer The Public EpicBeat Hostwinds / Site Ground WordPress.org  
Social Media

Content Builder and Poster


Easily create amazing social media posts based on holidays, trends, events and more.

I only started Instagram 2 mos ago and now I have 3,ooo+ followers. Thanks to PromoRepublic.

Visual Content

Creating Images Faster and Easier


Ridiculously simple but functional image creation for small businesses, social media marketers, and bloggers, like me.

I am a marketer at heart but I am an idiot at Photoshop. Now, I'm creating my own images thanks to Stencil. What's more wonderful is that you can use this for free!

Website Improvement

Onsite Audit, All in One SEO Tool


Growth hacking and All-in-One SEO tool that's very affordable.

As a digital marketing manager (day job), I know how important SEO tools are. Most tools can cripple your budget especially if you're new to blogging and SEO. Good thing SerpStat is so affordable you can even use it for free (yeah, you read it right!).