iWork, iMovie & GarageBand apps now free to all Mac & iOS users

apple apps

Apple quietly rolled out updated versions of its iWork, iMovie and GarageBand apps on Mac and iOS today, making them free for all customers on both platforms. Many customers already had free copies of these apps, as they came free with new Mac or iOS devices. The pricing change, however, removes the requirement to have bought new…

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Zenfone 3 Zoom: Asus Latest Smartphone

zenfone 3 zoom

Another Asus smartphone on it Zenfone 3 line. Zenfone 3 Features Zenfone 3 Zoom’s Camera Systems Zoom sets the new bar for mobile photography, combining two entirely new camera systems. 12 megapixel ƒ/1.7 aperture, wide-angle lens primed to capture everyday scenes, especially in dark environment Perfect for night time shots and low-light environments. You’ll also…

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Samsung’s Latest TV: The Frame

samsung tv the frame

The race for the most innovative and life-changing TV is still strong. At Samsung, aside from function and new innovations, the recently released a lifestyle TV that brings life to otherwise boring TV look. Introducing, The Frame. When not in ordinary TV use (now that televisions are not only for normal TV viewing, they can…

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The Age of Smart Contact Lenses

smart contact lens

New technology is being created faster and faster these days, one of this technology is the smart contact lenses. The rapid pace of development in the tech sector is changing the world around us in fantastic ways, connecting all aspects of our lives through tiny gadgets. In less than ten years we’ve seen the release…

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